Christchurch Musicians Club

The purpose of the Christchurch Musician's Club is to unite Musician's to exchange and work together to develop talents while providing a source of entertainment.

The ideals of a social "meet and greet" and the opportunity for young musicians to play and learn with older members created a great learning environment which still remains.  Functions are run around an anchor band and invited guests. This is a chance for family and friends plus all musicians at all levels of skill and experience an opportunity to perform "live" in front of an knowledgeable and supportive audience.

JAW 6-10 pm Friday October 28th

KATE TAYLOR                                                                                                                           Kate has sung almost every style and genre of music there is. Her passion for jazz was fueled at the Christchurch jazz school, where she was introduced to the greats, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. Another highlight of Kate’s career was her sell out show at the International Jazz and Blues festival in Christchurch in 2010 where she performed the perfected big band works of her Grandfather Doug Kelly. In 2015 Kate revived Doug’s work alongside the Garden City Big band celebrating the music of both her Grandad and esteemed jazz pianist Doug Caldwell. Kate has recently co-formed the All Girl Big Band and having great success performing around Christchurch.  Recent performances include her 2016 Stevie Wonder tribute show for the Cavell Leitch Jazz and Blues festival, and acting as artistic producer and performer in the 25th anniversary gala concert for Ara Music Arts. Kate's concert will be a mix of her favourite performance songs to date. Jazz,contemporary and a little bit in between.

Cashmere Club - October 28th 8pm

          Jazz, Blues, Swing and Pop,

         Vocals and Instrumental Music


JAW Concert Review

Review, Jaws Concert, Molly’s Remedy.    September 30th 2016  Bert

Mary, Monica and Helen, Molly’s Remedy, sang there little irish hearts out, each taking turns to sing the lead part and then support each other with beautiful close harmonies through a very eclectic set of pop, irish, original and humorous songs. On stage their banter and sheer delight in performing shone like diamonds in the stage lights. Mary introduced most numbers playing fingerstyle and rhythm guitar plus at times, a little ukulele, while Helen showed off her fine fiddle playing talent.The group started with Fleetwood Macs “Chains” and that set the tone for the evening, close tight interweaving harmonies that are unique to them. “Tonight You Belong to Me” was a perfect ukulele song,an old Lemmon sisters song which has also been covered by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame. Two great folk songs were also covered, the scottish, ”the Water is Wide” and an even more famous “Lonesome Road”, both beautifully covered by Molly’s distinct harmonies or as the girls said, the songs got “Mollified”.”Storm Comin’” was another tug at your heart strings accapella song and ”The Reason Why”, another uke number, was also sung with great colour and feel. Two originals written by Mary were sung,“Chicken Soup” being one which was written after a bout of her longing and homesickness for Ireland. “Quarter to Five” the other and was a full on very up happy number. “Hoagy Carmichaels “ Georgia” was also given the Mollys treatment.

Musicians Club Monthly Functions


Cashmere Club monthly Musician’s Functions 

All Club members and supporters 

(Held every last Friday starting at 8pm)

are welcome, in fact, encouraged, to attend the regular functions.   Members wishing to have a “blow” will be seriously encouraged.   As usual, an anchor band will be present and will play the first and last sets.   

There will be a P.A system, keyboard, drums, mics, and amps, so it’s easy for you.   Just bring your own instrument.   There is a great stage and the Garden bar acoustics are pretty good.

Entry is $5 donation

 Bands/acts wishing to perform as an anchor band or guest at future functions are asked to please contact, Bert Parrant  0273548155


The Club is committed to making this a success

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